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Sell any property in any condition or location to and have the cash in your bank from 7 days. When you accept our no obligation cash offer, we can exchange contracts from 7 days, and delay completion to suit you. You’ll receive a FREE home assessment and there are no fees to pay. It’s simple. It’s same day. It’s free.
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Avoid the time, expense of preparation work and viewings.

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We don’t need a mortgage. There’s no risk of the sale falling through.

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Avoid the costs of prep work; we’ll do the work at our own expense.

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Exchange contracts in 7 days. Set a completion date to suit you.

Sell any property the same day

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Request your cash offer online

Request your cash offer online, avoid the time and expensive prep work and avoid viewings. Tell us what makes your property different, its features and upgrades. This takes only a few minutes.

Get a next day cash offer

Get a fair and competitive cash offer within 24 hours. We’re a cash-funded, chain-free buyer. That means you can immediately move forward with your life and secure your new home with confidence.

Free home assessment

Get a FREE home assessment and valuation with one of our team. If repairs are outstanding, we can take care of the work at our own expense. You get to avoid the costs and hassles associated with preparing your home to be sold.

Sold from 7 days

Exchange contracts from as little as 7 days with the security of a guaranteed sale. Coordinate your completion date to suit your schedule and your onward move so that you don’t have double expenses to pay on two properties.

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Why is better than selling on the open market

From requesting your initial offer all the way through to completion, we handle the entire process so it’s quick, smooth and hassle free. There are no fees to pay and you’ll save thousands in agents’ fees, avoid costly preparation work and avoid the pain of an uncertain market and endless viewings and chains.

Our service is the easiest and fastest way for homeowners to sell any property the same day we view, with the exchange of contracts from only 7 days. We’ve removed all of the usual stresses, risks, uncertainties and costs when it comes to selling any property, from the moment you contact us to the moment we buy your home.

One you’ve requested a house valuation and cash offer, our team at will use data from the land registry, home track, sold house price data and local market expertise to make you a competitive cash offer for your property, based on its value. You will instantly benefit from a fast sale of your home so you can move on with your life.

You can exchange contracts in as little as 7 days, so you have the security of a guaranteed sale and can set a completion date to suit you, with your solicitor’s selling fees paid by us*. Once you have instructed us to purchase your home, we will purchase your property quickly or according to a timescale that suits you. You don’t need to worry about expensive solicitors’ selling fees because we will contribute up to £750 towards those*.

Our nationwide team of local experts are here to ensure that when you are ready to sell any property, we make it simple, same day and free.

Sellers are constantly telling us and others, “I needed to sell my property quickly, without all of the usual hassle, expenses, and uncertainties, and still get a fair price”.

If you are a homeowner looking to sell any property quickly, we guarantee an offer to buy your home regardless of its condition, location or price.

✅ If your property needs minor or major improvement work prior to being sold or preparation work, we can do all of the necessary work and we’ll even pay for it. This means you won’t have to make any preparations or have any improvement expenses when you sell to us.

✅ You should ask us about how we can pay above the market price for your property with our 115% purchase scheme*.


    ✅Competitive cash offer within 24 hours.

    ✅No listing, no prep work, no viewings, no chain.

    ✅Exchange of contracts in as little as 7 days.

    ✅Completion from 14 days to whenever suits you.


    ❌ High risk of buyer’s mortgage falling through.

    ❌ Spend hundreds of pounds in prep work, months of viewings.

    ❌ 14+ weeks to exchange if the sale goes through.

    ❌ Uncertain completion date and lengthy chain.


  • Review similar homes and the sold price data
  • Local expert conducts a home assessment
  • Account for your home’s individual features
  • RICS valuation confirms the market value

    ✅ Remember we are a chain free, cash-buying company, not an agent, so you can confidently sell any home quickly to us in as little as 7 days, and we can guarantee to make an offer to buy any property, in any condition, in any location.

    ✅ You get to avoid the hassle and uncertainties of the uncertain market, endless viewings and broken chains altogether.

    ✅ If you are looking for complete security of a house sale from 7 days, and the confidence to move on with your life right away, get your FREE valuation and instant offer with the press of a button enter your address here. It’s simple. It's same day. It's free.

If you’ve ever thought you could not sell because you owe more than the value of your home, speak to us about our delayed completion scheme. Imagine selling your home to us for more than your home is worth today?
Simply enter your address to receive your instant and free valuation. It’s simple. It's same day. It's free.